Health Courses

Welcome to Restore Health Institute a Learning Management System provided by Restore Medical Fitness Center.  At Restore Medical Fitness we are experts at addressing the root causes of chronic disease; Poor Nutrition, inadequate and/or poor Sleep, lack of Stress Management, inadequate Physical Activity, and poor Physical Fitness. The courses on this site are provided to help you understand the underlying science behind each of these lifestyle components and why they truly matter to you and your health. Addressing these issues can dramatically transform your health and life. Awareness of this information is a critical part of making informed, reliable, accurate and precise healthy behavioral decisions. Possibly more important is dispelling misinformation you have accepted as dogma. The misinformation we are referring to was feed to you by organizations with conflicts of interest and things other than your health as their priority.

Be advised, the information contained in these lessons is not your typical advise. This education can be defended by the very latest research as well as hundreds of successes with actual patients. We are speaking of patients that at one point were but are no longer suffering from chronic diseases. If you take the time to go through these lessons you will learn about things like why “counting calorie” or what is referred to as the “Calorie in Calorie out” method of weight loss is flawed and that the biggest driver of poor health, something that is common in almost all chronic diseases, is something you have never even heard of; Insulin Resistance.

Learn at your own pace. The Learning Management System will track your progress in the courses. Feel free to start, pause and return to lessons as time allows.