Understanding and Normalizing Hypertension

The lessons in this course will teach how hypertension develops, how diet, exercise and stress affect blood pressure and the steps you can take to reverse hypertension or at least control its progression. Individuals that decide NOT to use these methods can plan on lifetime of medications to try and control the symptoms of hypertension.

Learning Objectives:

  • Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure
  • Hypertension is also know as the silent killer
  • Hypertension is a common initial symptom of poor health
  • Blood pressure is self-regulated in the normal functioning individual
  • All organs in the body are sensitive to blood pressure. Maintaining normal blood pressure is therefore important to health.
  • Blood pressure is negatively effected by unbalanced stress, poor diet and lack of exercise.
  • Hypertension is especially well treated, controlled and even reversed with proper diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications.

While hypertension is hardly ever a direct cause of death, it is typically one the first signs that something is negatively effecting your health. Hypertension is also involved in MANY disease etiologies (development).

The body has many, powerful self-regulatory systems, as example of which would be body temperature. Isn’t it amazing how we can maintain our body temperatures in such a tight range? We survive each and every day of our life maintaining our core temperature to within a few degrees. When our core temperature begins to rise we begin to sweat, will become thirsty, and we will know to find shade. When our core temperature begins to drop we become cold and we shiver to produce heat, we will eat, which creates heat and/or know to find shelter. All these things and more to maintain regulation over our core temperature. Not controlling our core temperature would result in some very serious life threatening conditions. Self-regulation of our body is critical to our health. Losing control of any of these self-regulatory mechanisms is a serious health concern. Blood pressure is controlled by such a system. Hypertension is the body’s response to unhealthy stimulus. The stimulus causing this rise in blood pressure in most cases is an adverse lifestyle and unhealthy diet.

Why wouldn’t we respond with more urgency when we are told we are no longer regulating our blood pressure in a normal range? We are talking about our vascular system (arteries and veins). Our vascular system delivers blood to all our organs including our brain, heart and kidneys. Blood pressure isn’t just two numbers, 120 and 80. These numbers mean something. When our heart beats and then rests blood pressure goes up and down respectively. So, these two numbers represent the pressure in our vessels when the heart is beating and in between beats, or when our heart is on and off. When our resting blood pressure numbers increase above normal it means the entire artery system is under excessive pressure, not only when your heart beats, but also when it is at rest. Your heart and your artery system may never truly rest under these conditions. A more important understanding is you are losing the ability to self regulate your blood pressure. If you have hypertension your vascular system is becoming unhealthy.