The Dysglycemia Spectrum

It was November 2018 when the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist and the American Colleges of Endocrinology published their Position Statement, which was reviewed by their scientific committee on Diabetes, on what they called the Dysglycemia-Based Chronic Disease Model. In this position statement they made it perfectly clear that insulin resistance, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and all the complications seen with type 2 diabetes, including heart disease, were all part of the same disease spectrum. They share the same pathology (disease pathway) and they need to be treated as soon as signs of insulin resistance appear if treatment is to be optimized. Waiting and letting the disease progress is not optimal care. Unfortunately, since this powerful statement from this medical society little has changes as most people dealing with insulin resistance do not even realize it because they were never told by their providers! Are you or someone you love already on or progressing on this spectrum?

“Earlier” treatment means patients need to start preventing insulin resistance or what is called Metabolic Syndrome. Being treated with lifestyle therapy as soon as signs of metabolic syndrome begin to develop can stop the disease process in its path. If patients wait and the process progresses to type 2 diabetes long term damage to the vascular system has begun. If patients reach this state in the disease process they need to address their lifestyle with therapies designed to address the condition as soon as possible. Addressing these conditions with the proper lifestyle therapies, if done promptly, can actually completely reverse the condition and if maintained long term much of the damage done in the earlier stages can be healed. The following lessons address the nuances regarding these conditions and how you can address them.

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