Insulin Resistance: A Common Link in Chronic Disease

Insulin resistance is a serious condition involved in almost all chronic disease states. This course teaches individuals what insulin resistance is, how it develops, how it effects obesity, heart disease, blood pressure, metabolic syndrome and much more. It will also teach readers about effective measures that will help control the progression of these conditions.

Learning Objectives:

Insulin resistance is characterized as the body reaching tolerance to its own insulin.

  • Insulin resistance is a root cause of almost all chronic diseases including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and many more.
  • Research suggests that over two-thirds of adults are developing some level of insulin resistance.
  • Insulin is involved in the regulation of cells receiving energy.
  • Heredity is not destiny when it comes to chronic disease.
  • Changing diet and lifestyle is the very best medical intervention and should be the first-line therapy in the treatment of insulin resistance and most chronic disease.
  • Much of the information being presented to the public in regard to nutrition comes from unreliable sources: politicians, food industry, and agriculture industry.
  • While heredity plays a role in determining which chronic diseases, one might develop diet and lifestyle are the root causes.
  • Chronically high blood sugar levels over time are causes of insulin resistance leading to chronic disease.
  • Research clearly suggests that close to 80% of the population have some level of carbohydrate intolerance.
  • Exceeding personal carbohydrate intolerance levels on a long-term basis is clearly not optimal for health.

Next Steps Covered:

  • Learn the warning signs in the development of insulin resistance
  • Steps to take to avoid developing insulin resistance and the steps you can take to slow and possibly reverse its progression

When individuals strictly apply these recommendations, reversal of many of these conditions has been seen. At the heart of the insulin resistance issue is the concept of “personal carbohydrate tolerance”. Readers will learn how diet and lifestyle are highly effective strategies to address insulin resistance. Lastly, readers will learn how to gauge the effectiveness of any modifications they decide in which to make for their health.

Upon completing the courses be sure to complete the Quiz to test what you have learned.